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I wanted to document flows and automations that interest me, heavily based on Node-RED. When I was first learning Node-RED, I noticed a lack of practical examples so I thought I’d share mine.

I’ve been doing a lot of work on setting up a Node-RED based security system. This page gets the most traffic, so it seems that people are interested. I will continue to improve upon it as I learn more about Node-RED. I will also be sharing my automations that I use to manage this alarm system.

Below are the most recent posts but if you want to browse them all, they can be found here.

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Node-RED Basics

If you’re here, it likely means you are at least aware of both Home Assistant and Node-Red and even if you’re not, this is a good place to learn. I hope to provide enough info in this article to help someone who is new to Node-RED, understand the basics. If you’d rather get your information … Read more Node-RED Basics

Node-RED and Telegram

If you already have a Telegram bot setup in Node-RED, see my post, Better notifications with Telegram and Node-RED to send notifications with Telegram formatting and logging. In my humble opinion, Telegram is probably the best way to send and receive notifications from Home Assistant. You can create groups for everyone in your house, you can … Read more Node-RED and Telegram

Using smart switches and smart bulbs together, with Home Assistant and Node-RED.

(Amazon links are affiliate links, where I get a small commission of purchased item) I have 6 Hue A19 Color bulbs in the ceiling of my kitchen. We were using them with standard dummy switches, which was a pain as I had to constantly remind people to leave the switches on. Not to mention that … Read more Using smart switches and smart bulbs together, with Home Assistant and Node-RED.